Plonk Winemaker Tasting Party Ideas

Need help planning your wine tasting party? Plonk's tips will help you be the savviest wine tasting party host in town.

  • Invite your friends over and turn the Wine Cast into a wine-soaked party!
  • Assemble a cheese and cured meats platter to complement the featured wines or use Plonk’s food pairing suggestions to create the perfect pairings for your wine tasting party.
  • Connect your computer to your TV so you and your friends can sit on the couch and watch the Wine Cast on a big screen (you will need a special cord to do this so be sure to make arrangements in advance).
  • Twitter = Fun! Download TweetDeck so you can use Twitter to chat with people from around the U.S. who are also participating in the tasting. Plonk Wine Merchants will email you a special hash tag to use during the tasting (A hash tag is a keyword phrase that you’ll enter at the end of every Tweet you compose to identify yourself as part of the Plonk tasting group). You’ll be able to search for other participants using that same hash tag so you can engage in a live dialogue about the wines being tasted.